Emberstar-big black tom with ginger flecks and tipped tail with big blue eyes

Apprentice, Mudpaw


Turtleheart-tortoiseshell tom with blue eyes

Medicine Cat:

Laurelpelt-black thick-furred she-cat


Eagleheart-big black tom with dark brown flecks and paws

Apprentice, Dimpaw

Earthtail-light brown tom with an unusually long tail

Apprentice, Fishpaw

Heavyeye-smoky grey tom with black rings under blue eyes

Sandpool-pale ginger tom with thin fur and barely visible tabby stripes

Shellface-sleek black she-cat with grey tabby stripes

Jaynose-black tom with a narrow muzzle and blue eyes

Morningstripe-golden tabby she-cat

Shimmerfur-golden-brown she cat

Mountainlight-big brown tom with blue eyes and big paws

Vinepelt-long-furred brown she-cat with blue eyes

Blackwillow-black she cat

Burnfur-thick-set black tom

Ferretslash-brown tom with a white underbelly, paws and muzzle with long front claws

Cheatahfoot-swift golden tom with unusually black dappled coat and a black stripped tail tipped with white with a white underbelly, paws and muzzle

Reedtail-small black tom

Gravelspeckle-dark grey (with lighter flecks) tom

Smokespots-black she cat with dark grey flecks

Lionfang-big brown tom with thick fur around his neck, muzzle and tail tip

Steamfur-pale grey tom

Lilypad-black she-cat with wide amber eyes


Mudpaw-golden-brown tabby tom with dark brown paws and tipped tail

Fishpaw-black tom with wide brown eyes

Dimpaw-small short haired black tom

Petalpaw-pretty small dark brown she-cat with one ginger fleck along her back.

Honeypaw-small golden-ginger tom

Knotpaw-thick pelted golden she-cat with long curled fur.

Heronpaw-Tall brown she-cat

Littlepaw-Twee brown she cat with one golden paw and tail tip.

Birchpaw-bown tabby she-cat

Whitepaw-extreamly pale golden tom

Crowpaw-large black tom


Lizardheart-pretty black she-cat

Mother of Ferretslash's Kits,

Molekit-black tom

Cherrykit-brown she-kit

Gracklefeather-black she-cat with a ginger tipped tail

Leafstorm-brown she-cat with a scarred muzzle and amber eyes

Mother of Lionclaw's Kits,

Kestrelkit-brown she-kit

Daykit-pale ginger she-kit


Elmheart-very pale grey she-cat though usually stained orange-ellow with herbs

Rabbithop-white she-cat with barely a stump for a tail

Other generations will be added soon