A clan stuck in eternal leaf-bare. The cats here tend to be thick-set with light colored pelts that blend into the snow. It was formerlt named FrozenClan, but got its new name when a former leader, Blizzardstar, gave all his nine lives to the Ice Stone to save his clan.

The Ice Stone is the crystal that is located in BlizzardClan camp, and the sorcee that keeps BlizzardClan's territory in constant leaf-bare.

History Ranks Edit

Leader's Edit

(Leader) [(Deputy(s))]

Shatteredstar [Melting Snow]

Meltingstar [Kindling Flame]

Flamestar [???]

~ Missing Ranks ~

Blizzardstar [Ivypelt]

Ivystar [Snowtail, Archpelt]

Archstar [Whitethroat, Foxtooth, Whitestripe]

Whitestar [???]

~ Missing Ranks ~

Fallenstar [Goldenheart]

Goldenstar [Cloudshadow]

Cloudstar [Leopardfang]

Leopardstar [Cinderclaw]

Cinderstar [Hailstorm, Faintstripe]

Faintstar [Skyblaze]

Skystar [Bluefrost, Spottedwing, Chestnutfur]

Chestnutstar [Birchleg, Foxspring]

Foxstar [Owltail, Stoatfoot, Rustpelt

Ruststar [???]