Bearstar is a large, broad-shouldered, thick-set, hard-muscled, shaggy furred, dark brown tom with large paws, strong shoulders, thick claws, a thick pelt, and warm green eyes.

Affiliations Edit

Current: SunClan

Names Edit

Kit: Bearkit

Apprentice: Bearpaw

Warrior: Bearfur

Deputy: Bearfur

Family Edit Edit

Mother: Whitewillow

Father: Wolfmask

Brother(s): Flamepelt, Olivefur

Mate: Roseheart

Daughter(s): Appleblossom, Briarnose

Son(s): Pantherheart

Education Edit Edit

Mentor: Scorchtail

Apprentice(s): Oakpaw, Ivyleap

BlizzardClan Deputy Position Edit Edit

Preceded by: Snakebite

Succeeded by: ???