Birdfrost is a pretty light brown tabby she-cat with lime-yellow eyes, sharp, with a lofty look.



The war was caused by the latest flood, uprooting trees, causing overflowing rivers, and the absense of prey, and they sparked competition. The borders were unsure of, as the terrain was mauled and the scent marks gone.

Thunderclan and Riverclan tried to bring peace to the war, but Windclan and Shadowclan were tense with each other, two of their cats being mysteriously murdered. The bodies were found by the Windclan and Shadowclan "borders". When Windclan launched an attack to Shadowclan because they were suspects of why their warriors died, they recruited Thunderclan. Thunderclan wanted to remain neutral, however, as did Riverclan. But when their leader, Froststar, died of hunger, Thunderclan's new leader, Ashstar was ready for battle. War was complicated with biases and tension through the clans trying to survive. And it was soon leaf-bare.

Riverclan remained a neutral party as the bloody war of Thunderclan, Windclan, and Shadowclan broke out. The terrain froze because of the flooding in leaf-fall. Life was harder than ever, and queens were forced to bear more kits in order for the clans to have more warriors to fight for territory.


Moon One

Birdkit was born in leaf-bare with her sister, Rainkit. Their mother Creampelt died later in a raid of Shadowclan. Their father was unknown, as they were only born for convienence. Birdkit and Rainkit were close, as times were tough. Rainkit was the more submissive one, Birdkit the more angry with the war. If it wasn't there, then everything'd be OK. Eager to fight as well, Ashstar noticed her as a good thing, Rainkit being worried about her well-being. Her other friend, Jaykit, isn't so sure with the idea of her fighting, either.

Moon Two

Rainkit and Birdkit watch as Shellfeather's kit, Dusk-kit, dies. Brackenkit survies, but Shellfeather's so devastated, she calls him Driftkit, as she is slowly drifting away from life. She dies the next day. Birdkit bonds with Driftkit, as they share the fact that their mothers died and that they don't know their fathers. Rainkit, Birdkit, Driftkit, and Jaykit remain best friends, though there are conflicts between Driftkit and Jaykit. Jaykit is quiet, dissapporting roudy Driftkit.

Ashstar loses a life in a border skirmish. The medicine cat takes on an apprentice, Pebblepaw.

Moon Three

Leopardpaw's face is badly torn in a battle between Thunderlcan and Windclan. Birdkit begins to drift away from the thought of battle, being now afraid. Driftkit, howver, is now more excited than ever. He can't wait to do that to an enemy, he states.

Moon Four

The first gathering since the start of the war. Things have finally calmed down enough.