Black is a loner with a black pelt and ice blue eyes. He is also showing to be a very good fighter.


Before NightEdit

Black lived with his Family in the mountains, but then they all died in a storm. Black left not wanting to live were they all died, not knowing that Misty, His Sister had lived.


Black is now living with two other loners called Owl and Swift in a cave just out side of some Clans Territory.
Black is first seen when he walks in to the cave with some prey which he put down before going to sleep. Later when he wakes up, Swift is out hunting, and becaues it had been raining for a long time, the Small river out side the cave, flooded, Owl thought the cave could get flooded as well, so they waited for swift to get back, before going to find somewhere to stay, planing to go back to the cave, when the flood went down. They found a tree which was hollow, so stayed it that. But not long later, Swift sees some wolfs, And as she was running down the hill, not waiting to see if they were following, Owl want with, as Swift is his mate, and he didn't want to leave her, Black also went with. A wolf which had seen them started following, catching them up, Just as they get to the trees, the wolf is almost on black, But he gets up a tree, but the wolf jumps, and not knowing anything about wolfs Black thinks it's going come up, so jumps on it, pulling it of the tree. Black then starts fightning the wolf, owl leaps at the wolf, but the wolf, hits him, and Black sees owl falling to the gound, but then the wolf attacks Black again, A Nightclan cat, leaps at the wolf, But gets his face clawed off, before black can help him. More NightClan cats attack the wolf, whichs runs back to the Mountains.