Brightfire is a soft, white she-cat with ginger legs and firey amber eyes.

Affiliations Edit

Current: StarClan

Past: BlizzardClan, Loner

Cause of Death Edit

Cause of Death: Killed by a Fox

Names Edit

Kit: ???

Loner: Lacey

Warrior: Brightfire

Queen: Lacey

Family Edit

Mother: ???

Father: ???

Mate: Ink (formerly), Cloudstar

Daughter(s): Mintleaf, Moonsong

Family Edit

Members Edit


Ink (formerly). Status Unknown

Cloudstar. Deceased, Verified StarClan Member


Moonsong. Living (As of Violet Skies)

Mintleaf. Living (As of Violet Skies)


Snowheart. Living (As of Violet Skies)

Mosswhisker. Living (As of Violet Skies)