Cloverstar is a broad shouldered brown to

Falling Origins Book 1: The Clans:Edit

Cloverstar is first waking up in his mossy bed in the nursery. Cloverkit enters with one older brother (Thornpaw) and one younger sister (Cinderkit). He is getting annoyed of Cinderkit who had opened her eyes for the first time. He then goes to ask Redwhisker and Littlestar about them coming and seeing him every day. Both say he is too young and send him back. He later, becomes an apprentice - Cloverpaw and is mentored by the newest warrior, Ferretcloud who is only two moons older than Cloverpaw himself. The next morning when he wakes up it is beautiful and sunny, Thornpaw said 'it is a sign from StarClan that the dry-season is coming'. Cloverpaw minerly takes place when Palefur starts choking. He walks away from the incident and Palefur survives. The next day, Cloverpaw dreams he is running across an empty moorland.