Darkstar is the current leader of my OC Clan, LightClan. He is a large long-haired black tom with yellow-green eyes. Darkstar, formally Darkpelt, was the deputy of the first leader of LightClan, Silverstar, a silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes. She died in battle. Darkpelt pledged to be good to his Clan as she was dying, giving my OC Super Edition book, Darkstar's Pledge, its name. Flamestripe was chosen as his deputy, or succeeding cat. Flamestripe proved a loyal deputy. He is a ginger tabby tom with gold eyes. Tigerfrost is the current medicine cat. He is a plump gray tabby tom with no front claws and ice blue eyes, with a scarred ear. Darkstar had allowed many rogues and kittypets join the Clan. Darkstar has no mate. He prefers to have no mate to lead his Clan better as of right now, though he has respect for Berrypool, formally the kittypet Berry. Darkstar also has long fangs, nicknamed "Fang", by Flamestripe, though Flamestripe does it to tease Darkstar. Darkstar is a very noble warrior, formally the kittypet Loki ;3.