Echomist is a beautiful, slender silver tabby she-cat with large, startlingly green eyes.

Family Edit

Mother: Poppyflower

Father: Finchpelt

Siblings: Fawnberry

Mate: Blackfire

Kits: Shadowpelt, Silverdoe, Fawnpaw , Oakflame and Birdwish

Education Edit

Mentor: Mottlepelt

Apprentice(s): None

History Edit

BeachClan Edit

She joined BeachClan, along with Redclaw and Peacesong, when Brackenstorm introduced her to it. On her first day there, she met Blackfire while taking a moonlit stroll along the beach. They hunted together and told a few jokes. There was a mutual attraction. When Echomist had to leave, Blackfire posted on the mates page that he liked her.

When Echomist went on BeachClan the following day, she saw what Blackfire had put on the mates page. She was clear and to-the-point about the matter, asking Blackfire, "Blackfire? Do you really like me?" When Blackfire replied yes, they became mates.

A few days after, Peacesong was attacked by a shark. She died, but was reincarnated. Limagaze died fighting, but Eveningswift revenged her death by sticking the shark's tooth into his eye.

The BeachClan camp caught on fire, and all of the cats fled. Many died in this tragic accident, including BeachClan's leader, Sandstar.

StormClan Edit

When the BeachClan camp burned, the cats had nowhere to go, so Brackenstorm created StormClan. Here, Echomist had her three kits, Silverkit, Shadowkit, and Fawnkit.

WaterfallClan Edit

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MapleClan Edit

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