Current: Valleyclan
Past: None
Kit Faithkit



Mentor(s): None
Apprentice(s): None
Book Appearances
Living: Like the Snow
Dead: None

Faithkit is a pretty, longhaired dove gray she-cat with blueberry eyes, black and white smudges (gradient pale silver tabby), a white splash on her forehead, and a thick, fluffy pelt.


She's a lazy thing, procrastinates, and can be uncertain under all that callousness. Very uncertain.

But- Faithkit puts herself last. Always. She's very caring of her belonging; not what belongs to her, but where she belongs. Having a strong sense of perception, Faithkit is very sociable and kind. When she was born, she wasn't, as she was found. But now that she's used to clan life, communicating is newest thing. Faithkit is talented and smart, along with witty. She's flexible, thought-wise, but also very nervy.



Faithkit was once Berrykit (blueberry eyes), named by Stonestar. She was found, alone, in the forest, by Rainpetal, her clan's medicine cat. She just couldn't take all the scorn from her denmates and clanmates, so Rainpetal renamed her Faithkit, so she could keep faith. Of course, haughty little Faithkit just rolled her eyes at this.

The cat who nursed her was Melodyfur, an elderly white she-cat who was partly deaf. Her daughter, Cottonkit, was Faithkit's sister. The two weren't that close; Cottonkit thought Faithkit just another thing that took up her space in the nursery. But they were loyal to each other, and have a connection. They're just too superficial now.

The first time she stepped into the nursery, Lavenderkit felt hate and dismal to Faithkit's joining of her clan. The she-kit felt jealousy to how every other kit liked her better than they liked Lavenderkit. So she started nasty talking and things about rogues and crow-food eaters. Every time, Faithkit would bristle, but that would be all.

Cloudkit was the nicest to her. The cute tom would be, two for two, with his brother, Nightkit. Yewkit, their other brother, wouldn't really care about Faithkit. But after an incident, they resulted to be the best of friends.