Falling Feathers is a cat of the Tribe of Rushing Water. She is also known as Feathes Falling, or Feather.

Feather is a silver-gray tabby she-cat with soft fur, and small, neat ears. She has one sky-blue eye and one amber eye. She has a soft, long tail and small paws. She a nicked ear, and narrow-shoulders.

Mother: White Clouds

Father: Icy Boulder

Sisters: Silver Hawk

Brothers: Sharp Talons

Mate: Rushing Wind

Kits: Pale Sky, Gentle Breeze

cause of death: hunger, starvation

During the "Setting Sun" storyline, Sun Washed Stone remarks that Storm Clouds worries about prophecies and dreams too much. Falling Feathers snaps at Sun Stone to let Storm Cloud believe what he wants to believe.

Later, she is spotted hunting with her mate Rushing Wind and her sister Silver Hawk by Raining Sky. She catches a snow hare, and is proud of her catch.

In the "Dawn of the Storm" storyline she has Rushing Wind's kits, who are named Gentle Breeze and Pale Sky.

In "Rising Flames" she is reported dead after starving due to lack of prey in the cold season. Pale Sky also dies due to hunger. Rushing Wind was noted depressed by Swooping Hawk after his mate'a death. Rushing Wind later takes Silver Hawk as a mate, and has three kits with her, Falling Water, Silent Shadow, and Quiet Echo. He later tells Raining Sky and Crisp Air that he still misses Feathers, and names Falling Waters after the word "falling" in her name.