Flashkit is a small brown long-haired tabby with a yellow mark on his head.

History Edit

In Old Rivals and New Friends

Flashkit is not in this book, but is mentioned by Lightheart when she is talking about her siblings.

In Shadows and Thunder

Lightheart had seemed a bit sad. When Youngvoice had asked her why, she had said because her brother Flashkit had died of greencough.

In Rivers Flood

Flashkit communicates with Lightheart when she is sleeping in the Highstones. He tells her that her ancestors are very proud of her.

In Ocean of Blood

After Lightheart dies, her spirit is seen rising into StarClan to join her brothers, Flashkit and Scratchclaw.

Trivia Edit

  • If Flashkit had became a warrior, it was revealed that his warrior name would have been Flashbolt.
  • Flashkit had gotten the yellow mark as a birthmark.