Graystorm is a beautiful sleek gray tabby she-cat with green eyes, white ears, white tail tip, three white paws, a white muzzle, and one black paw.


Graykit was born to Skyflower and Ashfall, along with her sister, Cloudkit. When she was about a moon old, she got a really ( and I mean really) high fever. Her fever went down but she wouldn't eat and her parents sort of freaked out. After a lot of encouragment, she finally started eating. The sisters became apprentices 5 moons later. Graypaw's mentor was Swiftwind, a friend of Skyflower's. She and Cloudpaw got their warrior names 6 moons later after they chased of a fox. Graystorm took a walk that night and got attacked by a Riverclan warrior. Brackenfall, who was following her (secretly!), clawed the cat's face. Graystorm thanks him and asks him why he followed her. Brackenfall just turns away and says it's not important and walks back to camp. She asks Cloudfur about it but she says "You're very attractive to toms and apparently, Brackenfall is one of them." Graystorm then curls up into her nest. She later wakes up shocked to see that Brackenfall is curled around her. She wonders if Brackenfall was trying to keep her warm from the leaf-bare wind or if he liked her. She gently wakes him up and stretches her legs. Ashfall bounds up to greet her and Graystorm asks why he wanted to talk to her. Ashfall says that he wants her to be mates with Lionfur, a shy but noble warrior. She gets angry with her father and runs out of the camp. Brackenfall runs after her trying to comfort her. Graystorm feels happy being with him so she tells him everything. How she wants to choose her own mate and being able to control her decisions. They padded back to camp and share a mouse.


Graystorm is very shy and quiet. She likes to hunt by herself but sometimes goes hunting with a friend. She is very independant.


Mother: Skyflower    Father: Ashfall    Sister: Cloudfur    Mate: Brackenfall    Uncle: Fallenstar