Hollypaw is a calico she-cat with the same orange eyes as her pelt, with dark highlights the same color as the black-brown in her pelt.


Hollypaw is offensive, always on the defence, too. She's snappy and grumpy, with sharp eyes and a knack to point out things: that need to be said, but is shunned;embarrasing things; and obvious things, for a laugh. Otherwise, Hollypaw is cool-like, and nice on the inside. She has a temper issue, yes, but never means anything she thinks or says. Otherwise known as an emo cat.

But yeah, she's swift, tactic, a loner, her eyes are stony, like amber, and has temper issues sometimes. She doesn't yell, though.



Hollypaw was a loner, with three siblings. She was the smallest and youngest of her brothers. Looked down upon, her self-esteem went downhill. But instead of a sobbing, friend-seeking cat, she turned cold.

While on a hunting patrol, Hollypaw slank off and discovered human children wondering in the river. Reckless, Hollypaw tried to prove herself by shasing after them. But only 6 moons old, a twoleg called a pound and they tranquelized her intead. And when she woke up, she was a kittypet.