Icepetal is a delicate, slender, soft-furred, pure white she-cat with thin, ice blue eyes and long tail.

Icepetal Edit

Affiliations Edit

Current: BlizzardCaln

Names Edit

Kit: Icekit

Apprentice: Icepaw

Warrior: Icepetal

Queen: Icepetal

Family Edit

Mother: Icestripe

Father: Graypelt

Brother: Hailstorm

Sister: Frostwhisker

Mate: Fainstripe

Son(s): Foxkit, Owlkit, Frozenkit

Niece(s): Morningbird, Icefoot, Frostwhisker, Featherkit, Cloverkit, Scarletkit

Nephew(s): Brackentail, Duskkit, Shadekit

Education Edit

Mentor: Heathernose