Leafdawn is a beautiful tabby she-cat with a white chest, laws, tail tip, and ear tips, and with striking lime green eyes. She is extremely shy, kind, generous, short-tempered, quiet, and very polite, she has never let anyone get into her way, but will always do it in the quietest, kindest way possible.

She is from LightClan, she fell in love with a blue tabby tom with ice blue eyes named Stormfoot, the problem is he's from the opposite Clan, DarkClan. Leafdawn kept their relationship a secret.

Her mother is Dawnlight and her father is Jaystar, her siblings are Bluefeather, Roseheart, and Swiftblaze. Her kits are Flamekit (Flamestripe) and Hazelkit (Hazelpool)


Leafdawn grew up as the shyest kit, while her brother Swiftblaze was the strongest, Roseheart considered the prettiest, and Bluefeather, the one with the quick mind and all the wits. When she was an apprentice she worked hard and then became a warrior, fell in love with a tom named Lionpelt, but the turnout was treacherous, she figured out that he had only loved her to have a good image for Roseheart, and in the end became her mate instead, and even had kits with her. But not too long ago she met another cat named Stormpaw, now named Stormfoot, and somehow got closer to him and fell in love with him, and this time it was true. They had beautiful kits (as in paragraphs above), and were very proud of them, soon after the kits became warriors. Leafdawn then realized she was part of a prophecy and had everything she loved stripped away... More information at at "Leafdawn's Love". And at Instagram at @ask_leafdawn_swag