Maplefur is a large dark brown tabby she cat with amber eyes.

In KlondikeEdit

Maplefur is seen at the first gathering objecting to bringining in the rogue cat Moss. Then she is seen talking to Sagefur "Fawnleap and Spiderfoot they'll never last as mates", (Maplefur had a crush on Spiderfoot in Klondike)

She is not in this seen but she is mentioned this is Sagefur talking to Ottertail: "Maplefur's too proud to announce that she got injured in the battle she'll come when she's ready".

In CraneEdit

Maplefur is seen at the begining of the book nursing her and Bramblemouth's kits . She is heard talking to Bramblemouth "we'll name the two she cats Hollykit and Dapplekit and the tom we'll name him Blackkit". Maplefur is also seen yowling at Hollykit to keep still during a clan meeting. She is mentioned in the medicine den by Ottertail about giving her some borage to keep her milk coming...


Maplefur could have been named Mapleshade since she is somehow related to Mapleshade

Mapleshade is a proud mother and does not like showing her injuries

She and Brackenmouth broke up after the kits became warriors