Appearance Edit

Mossyear is a white she-cat with Ash-Black spots and Black legs and Amber eyes the color of a sunset.

Family Edit

Mother: Shimmertuft- Deceased (Starclan)

Father: Falloweyes- Deceased (Starclan)

Brothers: Redkit Deceased (Starclan) Jackalfang Alive (as of Spectrum)

Mate: Duskclaw Deceased (Starclan) Gooseleaf (Rumored by clan mates) (Alive as of Spectrum)

Kits: Clawear (Living as of Spectrum) Flamemouse (Deceased residence unknown)

Nieces: Littlekit (Living as of Spectrum) Lilykit (Living as of Spectrum)

Nephews: Spottedkit (Living as of Spectrum)

Grandsons: Kinkpaw (Living as of Spectrum) Tinypaw (Living as of Spectrum) Riverpaw (Deceased residence unknown)

Education Edit

Mentor: Snakefur- Deceased (Starclan)

Apprentice: Dapplefur- Deceased (Starclan)

Mossyear's pain Edit

Under construction

Update Edit

She is now a leader