Mouseflight is a fragile, broad-shouldered, thin-furred, frail, mangy, dusty brown-and-white she-cat with a graying muzzle and watery, sky blue eyes.

Mouseflight Edit

Affiliations Edit

Current: StarClan

Past: BlizzardClan

Cause of Death Edit

Cause of Death: Old Age

Names Edit

Kit: Mousekit

Apprentice: Mousepaw

Warrior: Mouseflight

Queen: Mouseflight

Elder: Mouseflight

Family Edit

Mother: ???

Father: ???

Mate: Cliff (formerly)

Daughter(s): Willowfrost

Grandson(s): Birchleg

Granddaughter(s): Featherkit

Education Edit

Mentor: Shyfang

Apprentice(s): Leopardstar