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Appearance Edit

Owlstar is a short furred, muscular tom. He is a dark brown tabby with blue eyes and a vicious attitude when he gets angry.

Lives Edit

As a leader, Owlstar was gifted 9 lives by StarClan during his nine lives ceremony by multiple dead cats with important roles throughout his life.

First Life Edit

Died of smoke inhalation while saving Snowberry in a deadly fire

Second Life Edit

Lost by drowning.

Third Life Edit

Lost during a gathering riot caused by Clawstar.

Fourth Life Edit

Succumbed to whitecough.

Fifth Life Edit

Hit by a monster.

Sixth Life Edit

Caught and slaughtered by a dog.

Seventh Life Edit

Starved to death.

Eighth Life Edit

Killed by Clawstar.

Ninth Life Edit

Killed during a battle against Forest Clan