Peacesky is a stout brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes and ear tufts.


Peacesky is self-conscious. And what that means is that she is only conscious of herself, not the other meaning. She's the opposite of herself; so, self-absorbed. Always excepting the best, the regular outcome will simply demolish her into several bits. Whiny and open, Peacesky can also be caring by stating her mind so openly.


She complains about Lilypaw because of her "stuck-up-ness", ironically, to Winterpaw. Her best friend, Brownpaw, is basically her tail.

Thinking that Eagletalon likes her, Peacesky loves to gush out about this to Winterpaw, as Brownpaw doesn't care. She knows very well that both like the same tom.

When Winterpaw is a warrior, she doesn't rest until she forces her own mentor to make her a warrior. As Winterbolt chose her own name, she wanted that, too.