Poppyflight is a dark brown (almost black) tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes.

Poppyflight's HistoryEdit

Poppyflight was born with her brothers, Eagleclaw and Cricketleap, in a battle. Sadly her father, Barkstripe, died in this battle. As Poppyflight became an apprentice she was shy and always stay away from the other apprentices because they were always mean and boastful. Poppyflight became a warrior before her brothers and the other apprentices because she listened to her mentor while the other apprentices didn't. She was very glad when her brother, Eagleclaw, got a mate and she played with her nephew amd neice, Greenpaw and Cinderpaw, every day and now she trains Greenpaw as her apprentice.



Father: Barkstripe

Mother: Nightfall

Brothers: Cricketleap, Eagleclaw

Neice: Cinderpaw

Nephew: Greenpaw


|		Barkstripe - - - Nightfall		
	     |               |               |
        Poppyflight     Cricketleap	 Eagleclaw - - - Silvermoon
					      |               |
				          Cinderpaw       Greenpaw