Robinpaw is a cute, fluffy dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a snowy white chest and paws, dark moss-amber eyes, and a scent of nectarine.


Robinpaw is quirky, naive, and curious. She always speaks up and is easily angered. Most of the time, she's a lazy butt. Robinpaw is fully aware of her friends' own personalities and is not afraid to assume, but never believes in what she predicts, no matter how precise they are. She's quick to adapt. However, as she matures, she focuses on steadying her personality and discipline herself instead of burying herself in changing for others.



Robinpaw's closest companion. He often calls her "Nectarine", in reference to her scent. The two could always count on each other, but Coalpaw never hesitates to treat the sensitive she-cat like a rowdy tom.


Mistpaw is Robinpaw's best she-cat friend, and they can always trust each other. They mostly talk than do, unlike Robinpaw and Coalpaw's adventures. The two love to gossip, but not badly of others.


Maplepaw has always been Robinpaw's sister (obviously), but also rival. Ever since they were born, they were the complete opposite. Robinpaw had that signature orangey smell, but Maplepaw, a sharp mint. Maplepaw has a major crush on the handsome Coalpaw and thinks of Robinpaw as a threat, but Robinpaw could care less.


Robinpaw could never put her paw on Bellpaw. Bellpaw, being Maplepaw's best "friend", would always side with Maplepaw, although Bellpaw lead her and Maplepaw always followed like a devoted apprentice.


Robinpaw was named after a robin sitting in a maple tree, her being the robin and Maplepaw being the tree.