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Rockclaw is a warrior of IslandClan. He is a light gray tabby tom with green eyes. Rockclaw's very stubborn and wants to do his best for the good of his Clan. His parents are not known and he has not mate or kits but he does have an apprentice, Hawkpaw. He's friends with most of the warriors in IslandClan and the leader, Thornstar. Thornstar was Rockclaw's mentor and they didn't get along very well until Rockclaw became a warrior.

Rockclaw's FriendsEdit


Thornstar is the leader of IslandClan and used to be Rockclaw's mentor. Thornstar is a golden tom with a brown tail and blue eyes. They argued a lot when they were mentor-apprentices and didn't get along, but now that Rockclaw's a warrior, they do now! While Rockclaw doesn't talk to Thornstar that much, he treats his leader with great respect.


Hawkpaw is a dark gray and white striped short-haired tom. He is Rockclaw's apprentice and is very sneaky. Hawkpaw gets into loads of trouble but his mentor (and controller tee hee) keeps him in line. Together, they make a great team!

Before the SeriesEdit


When Rockkit was born, he opened his eyes almost instantly. He saw the world and wanted to be a part of it. So Rockkit explored and that is when he found Thorntail, a younger warrior who he grew fond of but hated. It was a confusing emotion for such a young kit so he chose with the hatred.


When Rockpaw was given to Thorntail, the new deputy of IslandClan, he was disappointed and angry. He wanted someone else, ANYONE else but this tom. So they bickered, and argued and disagreeed up until the day Rockpaw graduated.

Warrior's LifeEdit

Rockclaw then pushed aside his feeling for Thorntail and started fresh so he wasn't disappointed when Thorntail became leader. And yet he was anyway but apparently, Thornstar had tried to do the same because he gave Rockclaw his first apprentice, Hawkpaw. Soon after, Rockclaw realized Thornstar gave him Hawkpaw for a reason; Hawkpaw was exactly like Rockclaw when he was an apprentice. And so finally, Rockclaw understood the relationship between him and his old mentor and respected him...just like everyone else.

The Great MoveEdit

Rockclaw isn't talked or heard of in the Great Move but you have a feeling that he's protecting Hawkpaw (yes HawkPAW, he still hasn't graduated yet).

In Clans in Need seriesEdit

In Confessions of the ShadowEdit

Rockclaw isn't seen much except once at the dumpster, listening to his leader or old mentor.



Mentor: Thornstar- living (as of Confessions of the Shadow)

Apprentices: Hawkpaw- living (as of Confessions of the Shadow)


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