Rosefur is a sleek, soft, feather furred, slender, beautiful, thick-furred, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with a glossy pelt, and large, luminecentt, emerldd green eyes.

Rosefur Edit

Affiliations Edit

Current: StarClan

Past: BlizzardClan

Cause of Death Edit

Cause of Death: Green-cough

Names Edit

Kit: Rosekit

Apprentice: Rosepaw

Warrior: Rosefur

Queen: Rosefur

Family Edit

Mother: Peachpelt

Father: Leafstripe

Sister: Cherryblossom

Mate: Cinderclaw (formerly)

Son(s): Faintstripe

Education Edit

Mentor: Nettleclaw

Apprentice: Frostwhisker