Shallowstone is a golden tom with blue eyes.


Apprentice: Nightfern


Shallowstone is revealed to have been the deputy, but as he was too young, stepped down.

Book One: Everyone and MeEdit

Shallowstone's appointed Nightpaw's mentor. He, not really dislikes, but does not like her roudiness.

Their first hunt ends up with Nightpaw stalking the same mouse as an owl. His advice to her to always look around first is ignored. The owl chases Nightpaw back to camp, with her disrupting its hunt. However, the prey already in its talons is stolen by Nightpaw when Shallowstone scratches it and it runs away.

By the end of the book it's noted that he made Nightpaw more mature.

Book Two: The Dark, Everyone, and MeEdit

Shallowstone gets second in the best fur of the day gathering

He tells Nightpaw, later, that she is lifeless.