Snowberry is a fluffy, white she-cat with dark gray eartips and hind paws, and blue eyes.

Snowkit is born to Owlswoop and Larkwing of ThunderClan. She is the first to open her eyes and is immediately adventerous, begging Larkwing to leave the nursery and spending her time playing mossball with herself while the other kits are outside, wating for Wolfkit and Briarkit to open their eyes.

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Owlstar's Burden Edit

Snowkit is seen scampering around the clearing of ThunderClan's camp, chasing Wolfkit's tail while Larkwing watches when Owlswoop returns from a huting patrol. Snowkit stops in her tracks and dashes up to Owlswoop, winding under his paws and almost tripping him over. Addertail comments about how kits used to be more tidy, but Owlswoop tells him to hush. He lifts the tiny Snowkit onto his back and pads over to greet Larkwing, Briarkit, and Wolfkit. Larkwing grabs Snowkit and places her back on the ground, and Wolfkit complains that she got to have a ride and he didn't. Larkwing hushes Wolfkit and orders the three off to play while she and Owlswoop are talking. Snowkit prances after Briarkit, but stops when she overhears Owlswoop, Larkwing, and Lichenstar talking about the dangerously hot greenleaf, and the chances of a drout or forest fire being high.
Snowkit isn't seen for awhile after that, and during this time Lichenstar dies and Owlswoop becomes Owlstar.
Not long after, a forest fire hits ThunderClan's camp. As the camp evacuates, Snowkit slips out of Larkwing's mouth and is unfortunately left behind in the rush as Addertail forces Larkwing out without her. Snowkit wails, quickly loosing hope for her survival. She lays her head down on the ashen ground as her lungs sore, but soon Owlstar shows up. Snowkit has passed out by now but is not dead. Owlstar arises from the thick smoke out onto the top of the ravine were the other cats are waiting.