Springstar is a ginger tabby she-cat with stunning, grass-green eyes

Springstar's HistoryEdit

Spingstar was named after her clan because her father (the leader) got a sign from starclan saying that she would lead the clan to a great future. Ask she grew older other apprentices didn't like her because the warriors praised her more than them. Springstar grew up lonely, even her brother Ferretfang didn't talk to her because his friends didn't like her. As a warrior the other warriors (who were the apprentices) started to like her but she met one tom who liked her alot. His name was Snakeheart and he loved her very much. They had 2 kits called Appleheart and Gingerkit. Sadly Gingerkit died moments after he was born. When her father (The leader) died Specaledback became leader, he chose Springstar because it was her fathers last request. Springstar became deputy but soon after became leader beacuse Specaledstar died aswel as her mate, Snakeheart. Now she runs her clan proudly.



Father: Greenstar

Brother: Ferretfang

Mate: Snakeheart (Deseased)

Kits: Appleheart & Gingerkit (Deseased)


|      Greenstar - - - Unknown she-cat
            |             |
        Ferretfang    Springstar - - - Snakeheart
                             |             |
                         Appleheart     Gingerkit