Strike is a eldery tortoiseshell tom with wise amber eyes that sometimes show caring and pride but when mad they show furiousness and anger.


In the Hidden Spirit SeriesEdit

Hard TimesEdit

He makes his first appearance near the end of the book as a eldery loner that rescues Nyx, now Sunny from a furious and starving wolf. He attackes the wolf and when thrown away, takes his chance of grabbing Sunny and fleeing away with her with the wolf runnign after them. He starts to get tired, but starts running to the waterfall that he knew very well where it is. Sunny is frightened and thinks they're going to die becase he throwns himself and Sunny into the waterfall and into the water. When Sunny finally gets concious, he introduces himself in a snappy and annoyed way, showing his bad-tempered personality.

Changing HeartsEdit

He lets Sunny stay with him. He teaches her many things like hunting, picking berries and herbs that can help, heal and nurish you and how to survive on her own. He teaches her to figth, especially one specific move on tripping your opponent with your tail. He even protects her from a very strong snow storm. One day and eagle attacks Sunny and he leaps at it while it was caring her away. He scratches it until it lets go of Sunny and then jumps off, ending up very badly hurt and understanding that he's getting too old to protect her. He then decides to take her into Clan territory withotu telling her. When clan cats find them, he tells them to take Sunny and their leader agrees sayign that she's still young and looks strong. He says his goodbye to her, finally tellign her that he loves her for teh first time and that he will always be with her at all times even if she doesn't see him. He tells her that her mother woudl be very proud of her.

Left To StayEdit

He is not seen in this book but only mentioned. Sunny remembers him a lot and thinks of him as the father she never had. She even has finally learned that signature move he always did on how to trip your oponent with your tail.


Dame: Briar
Sire: Scar


Mentor: Scar
Apprentice: Sunny


He is ornery and bad-tempered at first glance.He is fierce, unsympathetic and insulting. Yet at the same time, he is very wise and teaches Sunny many things she never knew before. He even shows much knowledge about the clans and their past even though he is not one of them. He is loyal, brave and more caring then even she would admit, but his hard past and bossy father hides all this to only a few he has grown close to, and those who are sharp enough to see through it.