Wildleap is a large, strong, broad shouldered calico tom with blue eyes

Bio Edit

Wildkit is born in the HollyClan lake territory to Enderflower and Coralstream, with his brother and sisters, Slatekit, Echokit, and Littlekit.

Ravensong's Attack Edit

Wildpaw has a very minor appearance in Ravensong's attack. He is seen talking to his mother, asking if Ravensong will hurt him or his siblings, and Enderflower reassures him that Ravensong will never hurt him.

Golden Skies Edit

Wildleap makes a very minor appearance in Golden Skies. Wildleap is seen talking to his mate, Rosedream, and she reveals she is having his kits. Wildleap is overjoyed.

2 days after Wildleap found out, he died being killed by a fox. A vigil was held for him that night.

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Ravensong's Attack


Golden Skies



Golden Skies